Panchayat Raj Updates

Plus Two Schools To Be Opened In All Panchayats

Revamp of PDS mooted to enhance Kerosene supply

Panchayati Raj institutionalized but not Empowered, Says Aiyar

GoM to Strengthen Panchayati Raj

Panchayat Courts Law being drafted

A Government Committed to Holistic Rural Development

All Panchayats To Get Networked Computers

Centre Plan: EC To Hold Panchayat Election

First E-Panchayat in the country

First all women panchayat in Haryana

Group of ministers to monitor the progress of Panchayati Raj

Twenty departments handed over to panchayats - Tripura

Forty-Seven Departments to be transferred to panchayats - Uttaranchal

Rural garbage disposal scheme - Goa

Panchayat Elections in November - Jammu and Kashmir

Suvarna Jala Yojna for Schools - Karnataka

Chief Minister Presents Panchayat Shree Awards - Sikkim

First Fully Computerized Block - West Bengal

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