HIV Aids

Indian Environmental Society is also implementing various other educational programmes for school and local community in different parts of country. These programmes are supported by various governmental and non-governmental organizations like Department of Environment, Govt. of NCT - Delhi; Department of Transport, Govt. of NCT - Delhi; SPF, etc. One of being spreading awareness of HIV/AIDS Education is at the core of one the great challenges facing humanity: winning the fight against AIDS. Education is life-sustaining. It furnishes the tools with which children and young people carve out their lives, and is a lifelong source of comfort, renewal and strength.The strategy presented here is about using education’s life sustaining power to fight AIDS. It shows the centrality of education to HIV prevention, and its use in reducing both the risk of HIV infection and people’s vulnerability to HIV. As well, the strategy points to the impact that AIDS is having on education systems and the remedies that need to be put in place to relieve that impact.

There is conclusive argument in this strategic framework that the world’s goals in promoting education for all and in turning back the AIDS epidemic are mutually dependent. Without education, AIDS will continue its rampant spread. With AIDS out of control, education will be out of reach. HIV/AIDS and Education is for policy makers in both education and AIDS, but its message speaks to everyone touched by the epidemic: teachers, education administrators, school children, young people out of school, adult learners, and community leaders living in a world with AIDS.