Global Warming & Climate Change

These days, there has been greater emphasis on Climate Change and it severely affected almost all the physical and biological components of the Planet Earth. Apart from the climate change, biodiversity loss and wetland degradation are another important areas on which the impact of climate change are clearly visible. Thus urgent and serious attention is needed for these issues. Innovative ideas should come out for solving the existing problems and People’s participation should be encouraged for suitable activities in the areas of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Wetlands.

Realizing the above facts, the Indian Environmental Society in association with GLOBE Regional Office for Asia-Pacific organized a seminar on “Biodiversity, Wetlands and Climate Change” at the International Centre, Goa in September 2010.

This seminar was organized with the following aim and objectives:-

  • 1. To identify the reasons for climate change
  • 2. To highlight the role of human activities for climate change
  • 3. To identify the impact of climate change on wetlands and biodiversity
  • 4. To find out solutions for the existing problems in the area of biodiversity, wetlands and Climate Change
  • 5. To identify different activities carried out by the people all over the world. And the observed results/ benefits of those activities
  • 6. To find out the suitable strategy for improving people’s participation in these areas.

Topics of the Seminar included:-

  • 1. Climate Change
  • 2. Biodiversity Conservation
  • 3. Wetlands protection
  • 4. Students campaign on Earth Sciences

IES also conducted a Series of Seminar on “People’s Agenda on Climate Change (At Goa) at Don Bosco School, M. G. Road, Panjim (Goa) from February 26-27, 2010 . Future projects includes:- Series of Seminar on “People’s Agenda on Climate Change (At Puri, Darjeeling, and New Delhi) CONFERENCE ON “EARTH SCIENCE AND CLIMATE CHANGE RESEARCH” At the International Center Goa- India, September 25-28, 2011- The conference will be attended by the scientists, research scholars, academicians, youths including students and teachers, representatives from various NGOs and companies from all over the world. These days the Climate Change is the hot issue and it puts greater impacts on every fragment of earth system. Thus it needs urgent attention. The main focus of the conference will be to promote and encourage Research Campaign on Earth Science and Climate Change and sharing research ideas and methodologies related to Earth Science and Climate Change Research. The conference will also help in developing a strong network among scientists, academicians, voluntary organizations, Youths including students and teachers along with community people.

Its Goal

To provide development framework that are ecologically sound, self sustaining and equitable in the distribution of resources and opportunities.

Its Mission

  • To promote, encourage knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of nature;
  • To propagate eco-technology to enhance efficient resource use;
  • To undertake pilot projects for demonstration of viable developmental options;
  • To promote and provide training, research and publication on environment;
  • To promote community action for socio-economic and eco-development;
  • To disseminate information through workshops, conferences, audiovisuals etc.;
  • To remove gender disparity, child labour, promote equity and social harmony;
  • To collaborate with like-minded institutions in creating network

Programme Profile

The programmes and projects implemented during the reporting year include the following:

Environmental Education and Awareness

  • National Environmental Awareness Campaign (NEAC)
  • ENVIS (Environmental Information System) Centre
  • The GLOBE Program
  • Water Quality Monitoring of River Yamuna and Awareness Building Programmes for Schools
  • Capacity Building for Hands-on Environmental Learning Programme Under
  • Environmental Education in School System
  • Environmental Orientation at School Education Scheme
  • GLOBE Initiative – Its Uses in Environmental Education and Conservation of Heritage Sites
  • National Green Corps

Training, Demonstration and Community Participation

  • Community Based Solid Waste Management
  • Heritage Conservation and Environment at Shimla
  • Recycling of Marble Slurry Waste for Environmental Improvement at Udaipur

Research and Development

  • Environmental Friendly Architecture – Harvesting the SUN for Sustainable Future
  • Development of Sustainable Strategies for Protection and Conservation of Medicinal Plants
  • Improving Environmental and Health Condition of Children Working in the Glass Industries at Firozabad

Policy and Law

  • Improving Environmental Policy and Law for Promoting Sustainable Industrial Development in India

Other Programmes

  • Road Safety Awareness Campaign
  • Women Empowerment and Relief Measures
  • Library and Resource Centre
  • Coordination on MoEF’s Project