National Workshop

1.Conference On “EARTH SCIENCE AND CLIMATE CHANGE RESEARCH” At the International Center Goa- India, September 25-28, 2011

GLOBE Regional Office for Asia- Pacific in association with the Indian Environmental Society organized the Conference on “Earth Science and Climate Change Research”. The conference was attended by the scientists, research scholars, academicians, youths including students and teachers, representatives from various NGOs and companies from all over the world. These days the Climate Change is the hot issue and it puts greater impacts on every fragment of earth system. Thus it needs urgent attention. The main focus of the conference was to promote and encourage Research Campaign on Earth Science and Climate Change and sharing research ideas and methodologies related to Earth Science and Climate Change Research. The conference also helped in developing a strong network among scientists, academicians, voluntary organizations, Youths including students and teachers along with community people.

2.Exhibition on Don Bosco School, Panjim, Goa- 13-14 Oct, 2011

3.SEMINAR ON BIODIVERSITY, WETLANDS & CLIMATE CHANGE , September 6-8, 2010 , At The International Center, Goa

A seminar on Biodiversity, Wetlands and Climate Change organized by IES from 6-8th of September, 2010 was held at Goa. The seminar invited papers on the mentioned theme from interested participants of various organizations belonging to any part of the country. The seminar also included school presentations from Delhi, Goa and Thailand. There was an active participation, particularly from local academicians and students of Goa. The three day Seminar included paper presentations, discussions, suggestions & recommendations followed by field visits. The participants, post presentations were taken to site seeing on second and third day of the seminar. Cultural exchange program was also conducted which led to healthy competitions among the participants and inter-mingling of Thai counterparts. Don Bosco, Goa amused the participants with their performances through out the seminar. The seminar was an attempt to bring out the significance of wetlands, biodiversity and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Don Bosco School, M. G. Road, Panjim (Goa), February 26-27, 2010

These days, there has been greater emphasis on Climate Change and we feel it is very important to associate community and people on this important issue as their participation will help in developing programs and actions on Climate Change. To develop program on Climate Change by involving community and people, IES is planning seminars at Goa (UT), Puri (Orissa), Darjeeling (West Bengal) and New Delhi (UT). The first seminar of the series was held at the conference room of Don Bosco School, M. G. Road, Panjim (Goa) during February 26-27, 2010.

5.Youth Forum on Climate Change

Youth Forum on Climate change was organised on 21-23 April, 2009. Around 300 students and teachers participated in the forum. Youth forum on climate change basically focuses on the idea of sensitizing youths and students towards the issues of climate change and make them aware about the threats that our Mother Planet is facing because of the change in climate. In this forum different representatives and country coordinators from GLOBE countries also shared their views about Climate change and its effects. Students made presentations on the different aspects of environment and also showed their research projects on the various environmental issues. Cultural programmes such as dance, poem recitation and magic show were also part of schedule in the Youth Forum.

6.Seminar on Resettlement and Rehabilitation Policy: Hype and Hope

The aim of this seminar is to discuss the resettlement and rehabilitation policies and the need for a relook in the context of changing land use planning.

  • October 25-26, 2010, Ooty, Tamil Nadu
  • September 11-12, 2010 Munnar
  • Chumbi Residency, Gangtok, Sikkim December 2010
  • November 3, 2009 at Hotel Fidalgo, Panjim, Goa
  • Diamond Hotel, Bhelupur, Varanasi
  • 29-30 November 2011, Darjeeling

7.VIIIth Global Conference on Environmental Education, Hotel Fidalgo, Panjim, Goa November4-8, 2009.

The conference was attended by participants from different parts of world both from developed and developing countries. During the conference, invited speakers delivered the key note addresses and case studies, success stories and initiatives which have been generated from earlier conferences. In order to halt impending global crisis posed by creeping environmental degradation the conference provided much needed platform to review strategies for creating environmental awareness, to build up knowledge base on global experiments on environmental education and to enhance public awareness on environmental education and involvement of industry and business community to implement environment education.

Various other National seminars/workshops/symposiums organized by Indian Environmental Society

  • Seminar on Participatory Panchayats, Micro Planning and Financial Powers at Apple Valley Resorts
  • Seminar on Participatory Panchayats, Micro Planning and Financial Powersat Hotel Renaissance, Kochi, Kerala
  • Seminar on Participatory Panchayats, Micro Planning and Financial Powers at Hotel Dalamere
  • Rehabilitation and Resettlement of Effected Community at Diamond Hotel, Bhelupur, Varanasi
  • Workshop on development of programme on understanding Climate change for Panchayati Raj Institutions at Indian National Science Academy (INSA), New Delhi
  • Training programme to improve the health condition of women working in Glass Industry, Ferozabad
  • Workshop on biodiversity conservation at Kalimpong College
  • Awareness and Training programme on sustainable management of wetlands at Barkul, Orissa
  • Workshop on bioinformatics at INSA, New Delhi
  • Seminar on Sustainable Consumption and evaluation and users workshop of ENVIS Centres in Environment and Society at INSA, New Delhi