The Panchayats are working very well in the field of forest development as a forest development agency. Some of the live examples of this are "Van Panchayats" and "user group organizations" of Orissa and "Adarsh Gram Vikas Samiti" of Kudada (South Bihar).

Some of the activities in which Panchayats can help in forest development programmes are:

  • The Panchayats can create awareness among the local people about the uses and importance of forests and can initiate a community movement as panchatyats remain in direct contact of the people.
  • The Panchayat can identify the wastelands of the area where the afforestation programmes can be done.
  • Panchayats can also help by using their organizational skills by planning and organizing community groups which can help in the integrated forest management through performing activities like shift wise night patrolling of their forest area for its protection; adopting soil conservation practices like terrace farming, mulching, crop rotation, plantation of wind breaks; adopting proper timber cutting practice and so on.
  • Panchayats can also help in selection of the type of tree species which will be suitable for the area while considering the demand of fuel wood, topography, uses of the trees and needs of the people.
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