Panchayati Raj and Environment

Some of the important objectives of the ENVIS Centre on Role of Panchayat in Environmental Management are as following:

  1. Collection, collation, storage, retrieval and dissemination of Panchayati Raj and Environment related issues and information to various user groups especially to the Panchayat Bodies of the country.
  2. Development of comprehensive databases on various Panchayat Bodies in all the States/Union Territories of the country in a phased manner.
  3. Dissemination of information on the locale specific issues prevailing in the Panchayats of several districts of the states, for preparation of developmental plans of concerned Panchayats.
  4. To establish electronic linkages with all information sources working in the field of Panchayati Raj in various states of the country in order to evolve the relevant parameters for designing the profile of information requirements of Panchayat Bodies especially on environmental issues.
  5. To develop a comprehensive resource base in the form of books, reports, journals, CDs, databases etc. in varied subject areas in order to disseminate environmental information and to respond to the queries received from several Panchayat Bodies.
  6. To establish electronic linkages with various other ENVIS nodes throughout the country for exchange of information on periodic basis in order to avoid duplication of efforts.
  7. To publish Newsletter for dissemination of necessary information in printed form and to apprise the Panchayat Bodies about existence of this centre on "Panchayati Raj and Environment" in order to get the desired information by them as and when needed.
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