It is one of the most important but most neglected aspect of Panchayats. Waste water disposal is becoming a major problem for Panchayats as eroded and ill-managed drain and sewer courses may pollute the sub surface water sources also. Though, the Panchayat Acts have provisions for maintenance of an efficient drainage system but in reality nothing much is being done in this area. In some areas either there is no drainage system or either choked or inefficient systems exist. Public drains and sewer systems continue to get jeopardised because of ignorance of Village Panchayats and low priority for these tasks. Panchayats can design a small sewerage system in their villages for the betterment of the sanitary conditions of the area. Panchayats can also work for the proper disposal of the waste water by constructing soak pits and small treatment plants etc. Panchayats can assist the implementing agencies in designing a proper collection and disposal system for the villages. If the collection and disposal system already exist then Panchayats can do a time to time inspection to check whether the system is working properly or not.

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